Wed 28 Aug 2019 10:16

The project to build a new “storage and maintenance facility” SHED for short has at last begun. The foundations were dug and poured last week,the steelwork and the roof will follow by the end of July. It has taken about 5 years to get this far,something which I believe the club needs to continue its development. We now have to look after about 25 acres of land, 5 pitches, 3 training areas, 4 car parks and other amenities. For many years we have relied on three old van bodies and two lean to garages for storage of training kit, furniture,  Tractors, mowers and fuel.  The condition of all of our machinery is poor, maintenance costs are high. Simply-we do not look after our kit at North Dorset and this plan will go towards making amends.

The new building is 60ftx20ft and will have 3 sections; at the east end by the pitch 1 will be a secure, block built store for power tools,fuel and mowers, all the kit currently in the shipping container.At the west end will be a store for training kit, pads,balls etc etc this will replace the first van body and will be accessible to coaches and players. 

The middle section will house tractors,big mowers, light towers etc.The space will be used for maintenance and service and will be secure. Both ends will have a storage space above for furniture, signs, scenery etc the stuff we put in the third van body. When the job is done we will scrap the other two bodies and sell the shipping container.

Stage 2 will be to cast the floor and then build the walls-we have not appointed a contractor for that yet.We first have to make sure funds are available. Funding is agreed but over a period so the job will probably take another year to complete. If anybody has any further ideas or suggestions as to the final spec of the building please contact me. Also any professional help will be welcome.

We have a fantastic asset in our grounds at North Dorset, we must look after them to provide an income to support the cost of playing Rugby.

Plans can be found here:  Download

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